Conservative estimates put the number of typefaces at around 40,000...so far!

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Here at Fly Design we like to look at things a little differently...

Using our skills and experience to visually communicate your message.

And this means a creative concept driven design service which goes above and beyond. We prefer to trade ethically and with other ethical companies and individuals who value creativity and the integrity that comes from longstanding and reciprocal relationships.

We invest our time and creative souls into the work we produce and truly believe this makes for better more effective design.

We prefer to choose local suppliers to support our local business economy as well as taking care with the environment and advising our clients to encourage them to do the same.

We are also inquisitive and demand to know the why as well as the what from our clients...

You see this is not about us... it's about you?

Your goals and aspirations are extremely important to us, because they drive your business, generate your values and translate into what is unique about you. We can help you reach those goals with a tantalising mix of concept and experience - skills developed over many years in the industry.

With clear thinking and sound advice, together we can find the answers and communicate visually with your potential customers

A perfect blend of those attributes with our creativity and expertise will help you 'rise above' your competitors.

But don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say...