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Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity tells the world who you are.

It tells them where you position yourself in the marketplace, what you're about as well as what you're selling. How you communicate visually through your Brand Identity is extremely important for your business as it mirrors exactly how you operate.

Your Brand tells your customer:

Who you are
What you do
How well you do it

With the ultimate outcome of

How customers perceive you
Your credibility

Getting your Brand Identity right can be a long process. We can help you initially by identifying your brand values, which are the building blocks for creating the Identity.

Your Brand Identity consists of a logo and a suite of imagery, graphics, colour palette and typefaces. Every part of this is designed with the brand values in mind, using visual cues that are embedded within the design that connect to the psyche. Creative, conceptual thinking along with artistic ability gives a huge advantage in designing a great brand.

Once your Brand Identity is complete it is important to take care of it by being vigilant; not allowing others to spoil or interfere with its integrity by reproducing or using it incorrectly. Times and fashions do change, however, so updating the visual elements in keeping with the Brand is also a must.