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All companies can benefit from the many varied ways of promoting business, and it should be a vital part of any marketing strategy. Promotions are a great way and cost effective way of keeping your brand 'first in mind' and engage potential customers.

You can promote your business by:

Van Livery
Items such as pens & mugs
Special offers
Money-off coupons
Free gifts

There are myriads of ways you can get your brand noticed and catalogues full of these ideas. There are also many promotional companies offering incentives, workwear and gifts.

We can help you decide what and how and come up with ideas and concepts for promoting your business. Our ideas would truly reflect your Brand and enable it to connect to your potential customers, making sure any promotion fits you and your values. For example an ecological charity giving away things made from re-cycled materials would be a perfect fit.

Reproducing your Logo on different materials and sizes can be fraught with problems and the right files must be supplied to whoever is producing the item. Sometimes logos have to be re-drawn to get the best possible representation. Any errors would potentially be a waste of money as well as the time and effort involved.

If you plan to utilise your Brand in any promotions we would ensure your logo works in many formats, from black and white to a single colour screenprint version.

Most importantly your Brand must be represented in the best most consistent and memorable way possible, otherwise don't do it!