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NFC Marketing

NFC or Near Field Communication is the new kid on the block since the Qr codes that have been around for awhile. And it's predicted to take off a storm in the next few years!

NFC is a high-frequency, wireless communication application that allows exchange of digital data between devices within a radius of more or less 10 centimeters. With a nfc capable device - such as a mobile phone - you can do all sorts of things just by tapping your phone close to the tag.

So what could that mean to you and your marketing?

Well quite a lot in fact. You could use it for ordering and buying products and tickets, for example.

But more interesting as a marketing tool, NFC can be used to connect your customers to a world that you can control and create for them. Think how you can extend your Brand's potential! It could connect them to a facebook page, a website, a designated webpage or a you tube video. Whatever suits your Marketing Campaign.

NFC tags can be attached to all types of printed materials - for example Posters, Banner Stands, Beer Mats, Tent Cards, Giveaways, Calendars, Packaging ... And used for many different application for example, giving & redeeming vouchers, special offers to giving extra information on product packaging. They can even be put in Estate Agents windows for downloading the information on a house for sale.

Imagine a potential customer sees a Poster in a bar, they can just tap on that poster and immediately get all the information directly to their phone. They can then forward to their friends and colleagues. This can take viral marketing to a whole new level.

We have teamed up with a NFC technologist - so why not try including an NFC 'Tap the Dog' tag on your next Marketing Campaign!