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Juice Republic

A small fresh juice company with a big idea!


We were asked to create a new identity a range of fresh juices and blends, but also to tell the story of a new 'republic', the tale of island life!

what we did

The juice market is overcrowded and a tough one to succeed in. We set about creating a new brand identity that would not only reflect the quality and often uniqueness of the product, but generate interest in the birth of a new country, a new 'Republic' island, with its own flag and its own national anthem. We created a ultra modern identity with subliminal mountains and seas, together with fruit. The star shape found on an orange gave the perfect reference to 'republic'. With this we then injected what the company actually does - squeeze fruit - so we squashed the fruit on the logo! Vibrant colours and typography across a range of packaging set off the brand identity perfectly.


A memorable strong logo successfully communicates all facets of the brand and its values.