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A company involved in 'force and torque' technology, offering equipment to a broad range of clients in varied sectors.


We were asked to create a new identity based on their existing logo but with more dynamism and energy

what we did

The Mecmesin identity was a little lacklustre, focusing on products rather than the benefits to clients. We focussed on application of their gauges and technology to create a strong, vibrant identity that consisted of icons and colours around technology based abstract imagery, introducing a themed basis for each area of application from the car industry to food safety. Assigning a colour to each application we formed a logo and a unique icon for each which communicated exactly what they did. This identity was used on exhibition banners, brochures and their website to more accurately reflect their values and offering.


The dramatic shift from product to application has seen huge success as a result, banners have generated more sales enquiries and across all the material there is a unified message and one that all in the company have invested in creating loyalty on all fronts.