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Large aluminium company, with many and varied sub-brands, engaged in extrusions and industrial applications across a number of sectors.


To create a flexible, strong and memorable brand which facilitated the addition of innumerable sub brands. All of which had to be used in various situations and across different media.

what we did

Utilising the concept of extrusion and the flexibility of aluminium, we created a core brand that was enclosed in a metallic style shape, allowing for ease of application in various scenarios, embossed, signage, web and fax for example. We then created a linked effect where each additional sub brand could be linked onto the core brand, each with its own pertinent colour coding but with the common element of metallic silver effect, which communicates the aluminium. This creates a consistent and cohesive brand across a diverse range of companies.


Hugely successful both as a group of companies and individually for each sub brand they are trading in and listed on the US stock exchange, the original owners have since sold the company.